Photocatalytic‑treated asphalt road in Copenhagen for urban NOx removal

Dic 16, 2022 | Artículos publicados, Fotocatálisis, I+D+i

Along with continuous urbanisation, air pollution plumes from cities are dominated by anthropogenic emissions, causing poor air quality (AQ) levels in urban areas and detrimental impacts on citizens health and ecosystem (Öztürk et al. 2018). Exposure to ambient and indoor air pollution is estimated by World Health Organization (WHO) to cause more than 7 million premature deaths globally every year (WHO et al. 2021). In Europe, 417k premature deaths were directly linked to long-term exposure of ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5), 55k associated with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure and 20.6k related to tropospheric ozone (O3) exposure in 2018 (González Ortiz et al. 2020) Ver documento: Photocatalytic‑treated asphalt road in Copenhagen for urban NOx removal

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