El papel de las vías urbanas en la eliminación de NOx (Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2023)

Abr 11, 2023 | Artículos publicados, Fotocatálisis

The role of flow structures in the effective removal of NOx pollutants by a TiO2-based coating in a street canyon.

Photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) coatings are known to effectively remove harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in so-called laminar flow reactors (LFRs). However, their effectiveness in turbulent flow environments, such as street canyons, is not well understood. In this study, we applied physical modelling principles to simulate NOx photocatalysis on the walls of a street canyon polluted by idealised traffic, and compared the results of this modelling with those of experiments in a standard LFR.

Artículo completo: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

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